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Friday, September 18, 2009


OK, they might not be for everyone but those with an open mind and a love for old fashion pickled meats will more than likely fall in love with these oriental delicacies. I first tried them many years ago when living in MI. Believe it or not they were included on many salad bars in supper clubs. Once one gets past the fact that these are gizzards the taste is fantastic!

Pickled Turkey Gizzards are cooked, cured and then packed in a pickling brine with select spices. They are ready to eat right from the jar and are great dipped in mustard or just plain.

The best I can do to describe the texture is to compare it to tender steak. The vinegar only adds to the great turkey flavor. I am not a betting man but will guess a true pickled foods lover will love these tasty treats.

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