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Monday, September 21, 2009

Pickled Eggs

We have had many customers over the years ask why our pickled eggs are not as soft as a fresh hard boiled egg. The answer is simple, the pickling process naturally tends to make the pickled egg a little harder than fresh boiled, not pickled straight from the stove top eggs. Pickled eggs are hard boiled but one must understand they can not be compared to fresh hard boiled in texture.

I had a customer email today stating our pickled eggs were not near as soft as the ones he had hard boiled yesterday. I told him the same thing I stated above, he is comparing two totally different types of foods, which is not a fair comparison.

I have tried every brand of commercially produced pickled eggs and they all have comparable texture. It seems they tend to get rubbery when they have gone past their "use by" date. We never ship out of date product and guarantee the freshness of all of our products.

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