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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Long Lake Pickled Foods Products

We are always looking for distributors to sell our products in Wisconsin and throughout the country. We offer a great product that is difficult to find with a nice profit potential. Please email us at info@longlakefoods.com or call us toll free at 877-893-5522 for more information.

Long Lake Foods Product List

Pickled Pork Hocks
36oz. Long Lake Boneless Hocks
18 oz.Long Lake Seasoned Boneless Hocks
13oz. Bayview Boneless Hocks
40 oz Bayview Premium Tavern Style Boneless Hocks
40 oz Porkie Co. Pork Tid bits

Pickled Pigs Feet
16 oz. Long Lake Pigs Feet

Pickled Eggs
36 oz. Long Lake Pickled Eggs
½ Gallon Long Lake Pickled Eggs (Plastic Jar)
36 oz. Long Lake Red Hot Pickled Eggs
½ Gallon Long Lake Red Pickled Eggs (Plastic Jar)
Quart Long Lake Cajun Pickled Eggs

Pickled Sausage
32 oz Long Lake Hot Pickled Polish Sausage
32 oz. Bayview Mild Pickled Polish Sausage
18 oz. Long Lake Hot and Spicy Smoked Pickled Sausage (100% Pork)
32 oz. Long Lake Pickled Kielbasa Polish Sausage (Jumbo)
32 oz. Bayview Mild Pickled Polish Sausage
32 oz. Long Lake Spicy Smoked Pickled Sausage (1/2 Gallon Plastic Jar) (100% Pork)
32 oz. Cajun Pickled Sausage
10 oz. Hot Beer Pickled sausage

Pickled Turkey Gizzards
32 oz. Long Lake Pickled Turkey Gizzards

Pickled Herring
65 oz. Herring in Wine Sauce (Available Oct-March)
65oz. Herring in Cream Sauce (Available Oct-March)

Please visit us at http://www.longlakefoods.com/ for description & pictures of product.
Call us toll free at: 877-893-5522 with any questions or to order.We can be reached by email at info@longlakefoods.com

“Product list is subject to change without notice”

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